Sunday, July 31, 2005

Is Christian an adjective or a noun?

I know, it's a little thing, but that's the point of this blog. Little things sometimes have large impact.

In the pastor's sermon this morning, he shared an illustration of a gangster who became a Christian. As time passed, he demonstrated little in the way of life change between the way he lived before and after his decision. When asked why, his reply was along the lines of "I've met Christian doctors, Christian lawyers and Christian businessmen. Why can't I be a Christian gangster?"

Not a bad question, huh? This prompted the idea that the gangster considers the term "Christian" to be an adjective. And I've heard others express the same thought, just never thought of it that way.

If Christian is an adjective, it modifies what follows. That's not bad, however, if it is a noun, it describes something deeper. It describes one's very being. Nouns both exist and do something. The term then describes one's identity and actions. And the action must be congruent with the characteristics of the identity.

In this case, it seems to me that it's better to be a noun than an adjective. Just a thought. A little ordinary perhaps, but as I think about it, it becomes extraordinary.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

They like me there....

We were in Michigan last week visiting my wife's parents. Sunday, we visited The Orchard, a new church in Traverse City. As we were leaving the building my 8-year old son asked, "Can we come back here next time we come to Grandma's?"

"Why do you want to come back? Because you got to watch TV?" my wife asked.

"Well, yeah," he replied, "and the people want me to come back." We talked more about the experience later in the day and my son also volunteered that "they like me there."

Wouldn't it be great to go to a place where people want you to come back? And, where they like you? Try church. If you're near Traverse City, go to The Orchard. Or in Marietta, GA, try Burnt Hickory.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thanks Jess!

I have heard about blogs. Even read a few. But never had one. Until today.

My friend Jess, a wonderful young lady who seeks above all to follow God as best as she knows how, sent me an e-mail with a link to her blog. If you want to take a peek, it's here or follow the link at the left. She said it was easy. And I believed her.

She was right.

That's the spirit of Neal's Notepad. An ordinary e-mail. An extraordinary result. See, Jason encouraged Jess to get a blog. And I chose to follow in her footsteps.

You'll never know where your influence will end, once you start the ball rolling. Thanks, Jess and Jason.

P.S. You can do this too. There's a link at the top of the page.... ;)

Neal's Notepad lives again....

Several years ago, a weekly e-mail went out to a number of people whom I had met from across the world under the banner of "Thought for the Week." Over time, it became "Neal's Notepad." For the last couple of years, the Notepad was blank. Today, it lives again. It can be found here: at

Drop in regularly. Let's learn to see the extraordinary emerge from the ordinary.