Thursday, August 11, 2005

Out of towels

A few weeks ago, my son and I had breakfast together at a national chain restaurant known for their breakfast menu. As we prepared to leave, we stepped into the men's room to wash the syrup from our hands. We turned from the sink to note that there were no towels in the dispenser. This proved not to be a major problem for either an eight year old or his dad!

Passing the cash register and thinking I might be helpful, I paused to tell Larry - the epitome of a manager of such a chain - that "you're out of towels in the men's room."

His reply was interesting. "Thanks. I was waiting for them to run out."

All the way to the car, I thought through his comment. Larry was apparently watching the bottom line and saving a few cents by making sure that he used every towel on the roll. However, as a customer, I found myself wishing he had committed these same few cents into customer service. It seems a little short-sighted.

As we drove away, I tried to help my son understand the difference between an expense and an investment, with limited success I'm sure.

I also realized that My relationship with God is sometimes like that. I try to wring every bit of encouragement from my last experience with Him. Perhaps you've experienced something similar with personal renewal. You find yourself going too far too fast for too long as you wait for the roll to empty before replacing it.

Make an investment. Change the towel roll.

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