Saturday, August 27, 2005

Speed Trap

I was out for a bike ride earlier this week and had just tucked myself onto the aero bars to get "low and fast" when I realized I was going just as fast as the cars in front of me. I watched the numbers on my bike computer begin to climb and recognized that if the folks in front of me didn't speed up, I'd have to scrub some speed. Slowly, they began to pull away from me, giving me some room to pedal and pick up more momentum.

Then I saw them. Two of Cobb's finest had parked their Harley's on the side of the road and were aiming their laser guns at each vehicle on the road.

As I passed them, one shouted out "33!"

I smiled and pedaled harder. The speed limit on this stretch is 35... it became a goal... and I reached it.

Amazing what a little word of encouragement, spoken at the appropriate time can do for one's attitude. Somehow, my workout seemed to go a little easier that day.

Who around you is laboring? Can you offer them an "atta boy?" It just might be that your encouragement is just what they need to press on or eke out a personal best.

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