Monday, October 17, 2005

A few links for Bible Teachers

I was planning for a conference this weekend on training Bible study leaders and collected a few links that are useful ideas and resources to build community, communicate and prepare for Bible study. They are posted here both for the benefit of those I'll meet Saturday as well as for anyone else who happens to drop by!

E-mail and community building

Lesson Preparation

  • - Updated annually, this site includes resources such as the Five Step Formula for Sunday School Growth resource booklet in .PDF format, leadership training plans and evaluation tools for leaders of all age groups and How to Use Curriculum Guides
  • - Gateway to articles and helps for teachers and leaders of all ages
  • - Supplmental teaching resources using current events to help make timely application of Bible truth
  • – Published by Omar C. GarcĂ­a, Minister of Missions and Evangelism at Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas. Content for all Sunday School leaders including teaching notes, background, fellowship ideas, etc.
  • - Published by an adult Bible teacher at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. This teacher searches the web weekly for ideas, illustrations, stories, etc. to broaden the Bible study experience
  • - Updated questions to “get people talking” and resources for training
  • - Gateway site to Bible study tools, articles and resources to build strong Christian leaders

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