Thursday, November 10, 2005

1st Grade Smiles

Is there anything "cuter" than a first grade smile? You see a young girl or boy and you think "she (or) he looks like about first grade..." Then she opens her mouth and there's that big gap! You say "you sure are big for a first grader!" and the smile grows wider, the shoulders are thrown back and you can watch her spirits lift.

Then there's the tongue... pressed against the back of the teeth, it bulges through the gap. Oh, and milkshake straws just seem to fit through the gap.

Mischief and giggles. Both escape through the gap. As does the amazement and wonder that the little one is growing up.

Somehow, I think Jesus had a cute "first grade smile." Perhaps he was called the Aramaic equation of "snaggle-tooth." And he met it in stride. Laughing all the way to eternity.

What's the parallel in the Christian's life? What can God see that is tangilble evidence of our growth? I wonder if He looks at us with a similar pleasure. Thots?


Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

I love the way you think!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts...