Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sleep Study...

Adjacent to our local hospital is a "sleep research center." As I left the hospital parking lot about 8:45am one morning this week, I noticed a new sign on the door. It appeared to be hand-lettered on red posterboard and read "Sleep Study in progress. Please be quiet!"

My immediate reaction was "How can I get a job like that?"

As I write this afternoon, I'm reflecting on the events of the week: the President's State of the Union Address and succeeding commentary, the release of Oscar nominations for a western with a twist (or is it a twisted western?), a stat that I heard that suggests 95% of sexual relationships depicted on TV are extra-marital and I'm wondering if I, like many others, are already participating in such a study?

Could it be that our society is asleep, that a study is being conducted to see just how far things can go? Maybe there are too many who are asleep, afraid to stop the test. If that's the case, I'm ready to shout it out: "WAKE UP!"


Anonymous said...

Your post makes me wonder if you are upset about the fact that 95% of sexual relations are extra-marital or that there is that many sexual relationships depicted on TV.

Good luck in your sleep study. I hope you can wake someone up.

Anonymous said...

Posted on the sign of a Methodist Church in Brunswick: "Give God what is right, not what is left".