Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time Released

It's allergy season again. Have you heard the ads for time released medicine. Time release. It's an interesting concept. To be released is to be set free or loosed. It suggests a potential that becomes actual.

Think of things that are released. Lions. Medication. Prisoners. Floods. Parachutes. Each has the potential for benefit or harm that is realized only when that potential is released.

It seems to me that people are often time released. There is potential that lies dormant until the time and occasion intersect to see that potential become actual. What, then, binds people? History. Past missteps and mistakes. The agendas of others. A lack of training. A Lack of relationships.

A debate often rages about leadership: are leaders born or made? I enter the fray and state emphatically - "yes!" They are born AND made. And I think there is a third option, which may be more important than these two. Leaders are called. By this, I mean that the skills and abilities, the characteristics and traits, and the charisma and virtue with which one is born or develop often lie dormant until the time and opportunity presents itself. At that time, they are released and the potential for leadership becomes actual.

Think of the leaders you know. Is this born out in your experience? What about you? Is there a circumstance or occasion that is today waiting for you to be released? It may be your moment. Answer the call.