Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mariachi Mass

While in San Antonio last weekend, we took the opportunity to attend a Mariachi Mass at the San Jose mission south of town. This mission is 200+ years old and has an active congregation today, though they made up only 1/6th of the attendees.

The chapel is of the baroque style, simple and plain in it's decoration. The unique aspect of this worship service was the mariachi band - trumpet and guitars - that filled the chapel with music. It was a celebration and I enjoyed the experience of worship.

During the service, a statement was made that has stuck with me all week: "When you love someone, you're more concerned with their pain, than in how they express their pain."

That's true isn't it? When people are hurting, they often lash out at others. I think that in their loneliness, Biblical heroes Job and David each expressed their pain and frustration with strong words directed at others and at God. But God loved them both. And He was more concerned with their pain than their words.

I've found myself being a little more patient this week with people who lash out in anger, frustration, bitterness or hurt. If I love them, I'm more concerned with helping them overcome the pain than in the way in which it is expressed.

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