Thursday, August 17, 2006

Salt shaken?

A friend and I were talking recently about the objectives of a conference our church is hosting in 2007. Our question was: “What is the our responsibility as a church to confront our culture collectively and individually?” Our discussion took me back to an understanding God helped me gain a year ago as I prepared to come to Brunswick.

Many churches elect to relocate their buildings to places of visibility and access. For many, that’s not a bad decision. However, I think there is a deeper principle. The thought I had a year ago, and believe more fervently today, is that our church currently “relocates” hundreds of  times a day. Monday morning, the people who were present in church Sunday go to school, to work, to shop and hundreds of other places in the normal course of their lives. My new question is: “To what degree are we using these experiences to confront the culture with the love of Christ?”

We confront our culture collectively when we engage it individually. “Salt, shaken out into our community.”

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