Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who sees you (in the car lot).

At the intersection of Ocean Drive and the Causeway from the island, there is a vacant lot where people put their cars, boats, RVs, etc. on view "for sale by owner." As my daughter and I drove by one afternoon this week, I found myself laughing out loud. I could only point the scene to my daughter who joined me in laughter.

A late model SUV had drawn the attention of a young family. "Mom" and "Dad" stood beside the vehicle and pressed their faces against the window between their cupped hands to look at the interior. You know what I mean. You shade the light around your face and lean in to examine the details.

Standing to their side was their son - maybe 3 years old. Just about the same height as the front tire. Following the example of his parents, his hands were cupped around his face as he pressed firmly against........... the fender.

I'm not sure what he expected to see. As the light changed and we drove away, I found myself hoping that they picked the child up and allowed him to look through the window.

What I am sure about is that he was simply following the example of the adults. I was reminded again that people are watching me (and you). In their naive trust, they imitate us. Our faults. Our failures. And, our faith.

Who sees you? What are they missing? What should you do to help them?

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Anonymous said...

this rings so true in my life, especially with two little ones under the age of 3. you really begin to realize with children what your good AND bad habits are :) thanks for sharing such a moment with your daughter and turning it into a beautiful word of truth and making me look into my own heart as i read!