Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Wolf Hunt

I often listen to the local police and fire departments on a scanner when I'm driving around town. This morning, on the way to the office, the following dialog occurred.

DISPATCHER: Unit 441, respond to Glynn Ave and 4th Ave. Caller advised there is an orange colored wolf walking around checking out the neighborhood.

OFFICER #1: Dispatch, you advise a wolf?

DISPATCHER: That's 10-4. Orange in color.

OFFICER #1: Ok, I'm in route.

OFFICER #2: 448 to 441, What's your location?

OFFICER #1: Glocester and Glynn Ave.

OFFICER #2: I'm on 4th Ave. I'll take that call if you want.

OFFICER #1: Ok, 448, you go look for the wolf.

DISPATCHER: I'm clear. 448 is looking for the wolf.

(a few seconds later)

OFFICER #1: 448. You see anything?

OFFICER #2: Negative. I see a bunny.

OFFICER #1: The wolf is probably following him.

OFFICER #3: 448. Call if you need backup.

OFFICER #2: The bunny's got my back.

The wolf was never located.

But, I was laughing out loud... as were the officers. Remember, no matter how routine or mundane, there is novelty and uniqueness just waiting to burst on the scene. Don't forget to laugh and encourage others to do so as well.

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