Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wood rot...

This subject deserves a little more treatment than I could give in a Tweet and a Facebook status update.

After Tropical Storm Hannah passed through last week, my wife noticed a water stain in the window sill in our sun room. I looked a little closer and when I pressed on the wood, it felt like a sponge. It was definitely rotten.

The paint was just as clean, bright and white as it was on day one. Only when pressing on the wood was the damage obvious. I looked outside and found that the caulking around the window had begun to dry and a hairline crack was evident upon close inspection. It was enough to let water in and, over time, the damage was done.

Last night, as I pried, chiseled, pulled and levered the old wood out, the parallels to our lives became more and more evident. It is easy to paint over the blemishes and imperfections in our lives. It is just as easy to hide the private, inner thoughts that we want to protect from the scrutiny of others. But they are still there. Like the water. Creating an environment in which the damage occurs on the inside. Then, when a little stain appears, and someone prods a little deeper, the rot is exposed.

So what to do? First, find the leak and caulk the seam. Stop the intrusion of whatever is tempting, gnawing, chipping away or attacking you. Then, expose the rot and get it out. It will be painful (think hammers, wood chisels, and Dremel tools), but necessary if repairs are to be made. Then celebrate that healing has come.


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