Monday, January 12, 2009

Make XP Look Like Windows 7? Why?

I enjoy productivity websites. is one of my favorites. They recently posted an article entitled: Featured Desktop: Make Your XP Desktop Look Like Windows 7. My question is simply "Why?"

Admittedly, I can be a technogeek. An early adopter, but non a bleeding edge kind of guy. And, I really need to see a benefit before jumping to new technology.

As I understand it, Windows 7 is still in a beta state as I write this. Vista is the current version of MS Windows. On most of the machines I work on, we're still running XP. So, I ask again, Why would I want to make my current generation software "look like" the generation after next software version. If I really wanted the look, shouldn't I upgrade? It sounds to me like I can run the old stuff, but give the appearance that I have something new. There used to be a couple of words that describes this situation, as I understand it: poser or faker.

Hmmm. There are a multitude of applications here. Just think of a situation in which you want to hold on to the old, while pretending that you are state of the art. A relationship that is broken, but you pretend that it's not. You pretend transparency, but wear the mast.

C'mon if the new version is worth the upgrade, make the investment. We don't need any more pretenders.


Anonymous said...

becoz xp gets boring looking....and se7en is the new thing out there so people (like me) are like COOL!!

Anonymous said...

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Long live XP!

Anonymous said...

I want to make 7 look like XP! 7 has huge empty space around everything. The quick launch bar is gone. File lists in explorer are huge because of the oversized icons even in list view.

Why not make a better operating system and leaving the interface changes to the end user.