Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Night Scribbles

  1. Summertime. A lot of folks are out and about. I look forward to when they come home.
  2. I wonder if God thinks the same thing: a lot of people are out and about. I look forward to when they come home.
  3. Take away from Dr. Bob's morning sermon from Jonah 1: the path of self-will is always downward.
  4. What a wonderful gift we have in the Spirit of God who tells us who God is. 1 Cor 2:10-14.
  5. How can we describe a God that conceived all that there is when there was nothing at all and then created it? How can we describe a God who directs lightning bolts, created a sun & then set it apart from night so that we might rest? How can we describe a God who sees the depths of our hearts and loves us anyway? Indescribable. That's the God I serve. (Hat tip to Chris Tomlin.)
  6. Kudos to @traceyy and @jncordle for their performance in the Gathering Place opening skit. Well done, children.
  7. Grateful for the opportunity to serve Brunswick.

Sewing Sails

I went to the marina on Friday. the wind was really blowing: about 15 knots with gusts over 20. While I really wanted to go out, there were two criteria that had to be weighed. One: do I want to work that hard? Two: Is my boat up to the conditions.

While I would have enjoyed the experience, I had to to conclude there were a couple of issues with the boat that had the potential to create much more of an adventure than I was up for. specifically, I knew that my main sail had a couple of relatively small tears that could easily become quite large if I went out in this wind.

I reluctantly stripped the sails from the boat, folded them and took them home for mending. Saturday morning found me under a shade tree with a needle and thread to effect the repairs. As I mended, I reflected on the leadership lessons I was learning.

1. Steven Covey used the metaphor of "sharpening the saw" to illustrate the need we all have to stop work and renew ourselves. Just as a lumberjack must sharpen the ax or saw if he wants to continue to cut timber, we need to take time out to make sure we are as effective as we can be. In the long-term, the job will go much easier when all our tools are honed and maintained.

Sail repair is not glamorous, but keeping them mended will preserve them. Truth be told, I'd like a new sail. But, I'll nurse this one through another season with care. Rather than stressing them on Friday, I chose to reinforce them.Leaders need renewal. We must regularly take time out for the task to mend, heal, learn, recall and reinforce our abilities. By doing so, we'll be ready for the high winds.

2. I stuck myself with the needle. More than once. Even drew blood. Leader lesson? Mending can be painful. Renewal can be painful.The satisfaction in the end makes the pain fade away. Oh, and try not to bleed on the sail.

3. A good job finished well brings satisfaction. My stitches weren't exactly neat and uniform, or even in line. But they should hold. Knowing that I took time out to mend them gives me satisfaction, for I know, deep down, that it was the most important think I could do on Friday and Saturday morning if I am to enjoy the next afternoon sail.

Saturday afternoon, I bent the sails to the rig again. As we left the dock, the wind filled in at 12-15knots. And we sailed. confident that we and the sails were up to the task.

Leader do you need to take a time out today? To sew the sails? To sharpen the saw? To renew.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Night Scribbles

  1. I don't do hot and humid very well.Thankful for air conditioning and patient people who will (hopefully) put up with me.
  2. Looking forward to VBS this week more than ever before.
  3. There are some fantabulous people at FBC Brunswick. Encouragers. Servants. Disciples.Friends.
  4. I am thankful and grateful for Dr. Mounts. He has passion for the word and an ability to communicate hard truths in an easy way.
  5. I'm feeling the need to spend some time in planning this week. Would like to re-focus on the next 100 days personally and professionally. Hope to carve out some time sometime.
  6. Two weeks into Dixville. Eight to go. Will be praying for Dave, Chandis, Donnie and team this week.
  7. Hmmm. Sailing this week. May have to wait until Sunday. Happy Father's Day to me.
  8. Our housekeeping staff will have to be on their A game this week. Go Jackie, Rayfield and Larry!
  9. Quote I haven't been able to get out of my mind from the morning message: "I am responsible for what I know AND I am responsible for what I could have known." Must redeem the time and use every moment wisely to learn what I am supposed to learn so that I can think the way I am supposed to think and act the way I am supposed to act.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Swinging into the wind

Went to the beach this afternoon. There was a steady east wind blowing off the ocean. Enjoyed watching the sea gulls flying, soaring, hovering, overhead. When flying downwind, they would glide by quickly. Then, with seemingly little effort, they would wheel around into the wind, flare their wings slightly and settle gently on the sand.
Then, facing into the wind, they would run a couple of steps, flick their wing tips and rise swiftly into the air.
Repeat. Over and over again. And I watched, fascinated by how they could use the wind to move across the waves and the beach. They never seemed to fight the wind, but used it to their benefit.
What a life lesson. We can choose to fight the circumstances that come our way. Or, we can swing into them and face them, using them to our advantage. Take a few steps. Leap into the air. Swing into the wind. Settle into a place of rest.
P.S. I've never seen a sea gull in a gale. If the winds are overpowering, hunker down. The storm will pass.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Night Scribbles

1. It's vacation time. Some folks came back to church today. Others have gone. I pray they enjoy and return again.
2. Dr. Bob Mounts will be a real blessing to our church. He's maturing, experienced and committed to the Word for the glory of God.
3.Rumors traveled slowly in New Testament times. So Paul had to deal with a lot of stuff in 1 Corinthians. What if Twitter were possible then? How would correction, doctrine, reproof and admonition be disseminated?
4. I'm thankful for Bible study leaders who cover for one another. I'm thankful for brothers who cover for me as well.
5. I know Dr. Mounts is communicating when my son tweets a thought from his sermon.
6. Hugs from 2- and 3-year olds are fantastic. They can so make my day complete. Love with no strings attached.
7. Flowers have grown to obscure 1/2 of our sign. Should we raise the sign or mow the flowers?