Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Night Scribbles

1. It's vacation time. Some folks came back to church today. Others have gone. I pray they enjoy and return again.
2. Dr. Bob Mounts will be a real blessing to our church. He's maturing, experienced and committed to the Word for the glory of God.
3.Rumors traveled slowly in New Testament times. So Paul had to deal with a lot of stuff in 1 Corinthians. What if Twitter were possible then? How would correction, doctrine, reproof and admonition be disseminated?
4. I'm thankful for Bible study leaders who cover for one another. I'm thankful for brothers who cover for me as well.
5. I know Dr. Mounts is communicating when my son tweets a thought from his sermon.
6. Hugs from 2- and 3-year olds are fantastic. They can so make my day complete. Love with no strings attached.
7. Flowers have grown to obscure 1/2 of our sign. Should we raise the sign or mow the flowers?

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