Monday, June 07, 2010

Swinging into the wind

Went to the beach this afternoon. There was a steady east wind blowing off the ocean. Enjoyed watching the sea gulls flying, soaring, hovering, overhead. When flying downwind, they would glide by quickly. Then, with seemingly little effort, they would wheel around into the wind, flare their wings slightly and settle gently on the sand.
Then, facing into the wind, they would run a couple of steps, flick their wing tips and rise swiftly into the air.
Repeat. Over and over again. And I watched, fascinated by how they could use the wind to move across the waves and the beach. They never seemed to fight the wind, but used it to their benefit.
What a life lesson. We can choose to fight the circumstances that come our way. Or, we can swing into them and face them, using them to our advantage. Take a few steps. Leap into the air. Swing into the wind. Settle into a place of rest.
P.S. I've never seen a sea gull in a gale. If the winds are overpowering, hunker down. The storm will pass.

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Unknown said...

Obvious truism, but HE is deff the wind beneath our wings... Working with HIM, we use less energy and go much farther. ;D Nature is deff a wonderful teacher... we just have to listen!!!