Monday, November 29, 2010

It's a... It's a.... What's a Book Summaview?

I am a reader. I love the world of books. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, I love the world of information. I am an info-junkie. The movie character with whom I have most closely identified is the robot in “Short Circuit.” Input. Input. Input.

That said, I’m adding a new “feature” to Neal’s Notes. Each week, I’ll plan to post a “summaview” of a book I’ve read this week.  As you might guess, a “Summaview” is sort of a cross between a book summary and a review. (I have also been described as a “word-nerd,” which follows from being a reader. If I can’t find the word to describe my thought, I’ll create one.) You will be introduced to the author(s), why I read the book, why you might consider reading it and my overall evaluation. The heart of each summaview, however, will be a list of the table of contents along with the key concept of the chapter.

While I most often read non-fiction books which will be of interst to organizational leaders and managers, pastors and leaders, I also read books related to my hobbies and interests. I also read a lot of fiction and non-fiction books as well, especially of the international espionage genre.

Oh, I’ll also include a link for each book on This is shameless self-promotion, as each book you might purchase through that link will add a few nickels and dimes to my book fund. So, help me keep ‘em coming!

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