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The Walk by Shaun Alexander - A Summaview

The Walk: Clear Direction and Spiritual Power for Your LifeThe Walk: Clear Direction and Spiritual Power for Your Life by Shaun Alexander

Shaun Alexander was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks out of the University of Alabama. A three-time Pro Bowl selection, he set NFL and team records in 2005 while leading his team to the Super Bowl. After career changing injuries, Alexander continued to seek after God and today speaks to a variety of audiences, encouraging others to align their lives to God's perfect will.

The Walk examines a progressive pattern of discipleship. Through each of the five stages of Christian maturity, God shapes our lives and guides us through the trials, traps and victories of each stage. Alexander uses Peter as an example of each stage.

I chose and received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review, because God is calling me again to my responsibility to live as a disciple and lead others to do the same. This book provides additional depth to a framework of discipleship with which I am familiar. If you are interested in helping people take their next steps of obedient discipleship The Walk can help you.

The outline and key concepts are as follows:

1. The Walk - Shaun's story: from football star to a walking servant. God says, "I'm not looking for perfection. I'm looking for order."

Part 1: The Unbeliever

2. The Wanderer and a Wonderer - Unbelievers are either wanderers (drifting from place to place, idea to idea) or Wonderers (searching for purpose, seeking to fill the hollowness of modern life.) God is ready to answer both.
3. Trials, Traps and Victories - The trials of both are to live long enough to find answers that satisfy. The traps are the obstacles Satan uses to prevent their coming to Christ. The victory is salvation.
4. Peter Walks into Real Belief

Part 2: The Believer
5. Life as a Believer - Believers enter into belief with a simple statement of faith: a "yes" in response to the call of God.
6. Trials, Traps and Victories - Believers don't know what it means to believe. They only know that they believe. The trials come as they are stretched, the traps when faith is questioned and victories when their lifestyle, character and personality start to reflect more of Christ and less of themselves.
7. Peter as a Believer

Part 3: The Example
8. Becoming an Example - Believers become examples as their approach to the world, their minds, and the way they live changes as their will is submitted to His will as suggested in 2 Peter 1:5-7
9. Trials, Traps and Victories - Beware of pride in the form of self-righteousness, perfectionism and diminished faithfulness to time alone with God.
10. Peter as an Example

Part 4: The Teacher
11. Becoming a Teacher - the coach, mentor, encourager who teaches by serving and shepherding others who are on a walk of their own. The best give you the benefit of the things they've seen and heard and done and experienced. Teachers must live the life of examples.
12. Trials, Traps and Victories - The challenge is to teach while remaining a servant - refusing to adopt and exaggerated sense of their own importance - and refusing the trap that you don't have to study anymore. Good teachers allow themselves to be taught and are able to bring others along with them.
13. Peter as a Teacher

Part 5: The Imparter
14. Called to Be an Imparter - An Imparter has the ability not only to enjoy the presence of God but to impart that presence and blessing to others. God pours his anointing on the Imparter. those who are close by are drenched as a result.
15. Trials, Traps and Victories - Simply put, for men, it's Gold, Glory & Girls. For women, it's Gold, Glory & Gents.
16. Peter as an Imparter

Part 6: Walking the Walk
17. In Order - Out of Order. Each stage has a powerful influence on those behind them. While God uses us to help pull others to the next stage, it is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit to bring about transformation. You cannot skip ahead.
18. The Year God Gave Me Nine Cities - Strong testimony of how God brought a group of men together with Shaun and led them in paths they couldn't imagine.
19. God Does the Unthinkable Through the Unqualified - The rest of the story as Shaun relates how God used these men to do great things.
20. The Walk to Spiritual Maturity - a closing challenge.

I'll be hanging on to this copy for a few more weeks, using it to provide depth to a seminar I'm preparing for Sunday School teachers who are willing to disciple others. After that, I'll be looking for a young man - an athlete who can relate to Shaun's story.


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